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Nanjing Expo Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd is a series of products that are specialized in developing CNC machine tool processing centers. Excellent selection. The advanced processing technology and the imported German large precision plane grinder are used to finish the plane finishing. It can ensure the high precision, strong wear resistance and strong reliability of the product. It can meet the technical requirements of various machine tools for the steel guide. It can be produced according to the drawings provided by the users or according to the requirements of the users.

In addition to producing fine machined guideways, our factory can also provide semi-finished steel inlaid guideway products for self sharpening after installation.
Our factory has now set up a set of steel guide rails for many machine tool factories in China. There are many kinds of guide rails, complete specifications, reasonable prices, timely delivery and factory direct sales. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate orders.